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Wine and the Word Blog

During the daylight and occasional evening hours I am privileged to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Lutheran Social Services of the South, an amazing organization that annually provides help, healing and hope to over 35,000 individuals.

However, in my off hours the right side of my brain has increasingly drifted towards exploring how the art of fine wine can open a window in to the art of living a meaningful life.   One product of my imagination is a soon to be released book, Wine and the Word:  Savor and Serve.  Another tangible result is the creation of this blog as I continue in my journey as a burgeoning oenophile and believer in God’s Word. 

I anticipate that many of my weekly blogs will focus on how the art of making wine can provide us with clues of how to live our lives more fully.  On occasion I will also interview others much more interesting and knowledgeable than myself who share my fascination with both wine and God’s Word.

Of course, like any alcoholic beverage, wine can have a negative impact on our life and faith.  We have all witnessed first hand the destructive path of those who have chosen or felt compelled to take such a route.  However, the consequences of excessive indulgence are not the focus of either this blog or my book.  The author has a higher expectation of his readers and of himself.

I ask that you indulge me in using wine as a metaphor as together we continue in our journey as to what it means to live the Christian life.  For me, my dance with God’s gift of wine has become an elegant window on my soul.  It is my prayer that my words will also help you become enriched in gratitude for all of life as we both savor the miracle of life and serve those whom God has placed in our path.