For anyone who loves reading Scripture, meditating on the significance and symbolism of wine is only natural.  In The Wine and the Word Kurt Senske helps us learn both from the Bible and history the connection we all have to wine.  Wine is the picture of happiness, health and heaven, but yet a warning in this life that even God’s good gifts can be corrupted by man.  And finally it teaches us to cry out like the Benedictine monks  “Deo Optimo Maximo: To God, the Best, the Greatest.” Brad Hewitt

President and CEO, Thrivent Financial


Really? When my friend, Dr. Kurt Senske, first shared this book concept with me, I was skeptical. Despite his compelling legacy of transformative Christian leadership—not to mention his oenophilia (love of fine wine)—could he pull off this project? Could he make clear the spiritual link between a fermented beverage and a dynamic, biblical faith? I must concede: after consuming this book, my appreciation for both wine and God’s Word has deepened. Senske’s work is choice. Taste and see for yourself. Really!

Rev. John Nunes

Jochum Chair professor, Valparaiso University

Years ago, I had dinner with the patriarch of one of the world’s greatest wine families. I pushed him to tell me what his favorite wine was. After demurring repeatedly (“wine is like women, there are so many of beauty but all different”), he finally named a wine (a Margaux, not surprisingly). He said it was a wine “he could have dinner with alone and still have a full conversation.” Dr. Senske has done the same thing here with Wine and the Word. Using wine as a metaphor, he leads us through a full conversation about faith and character. This is a conversation worth having, alone or with a glass of wine.

Arne Sorenson

President and CEO, Marriott International

Passion for a rich life in Christ, the vine, flows from every page of Wine and Word! Kurt’s book challenges us to mature and coaxes us to soften while being strong in character as we reflect the work of God in and through the fruit of our lives.

Cindy Steinbeck, president of Steinbeck Vineyards and Winery and author of The Vine Speaks