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Speaking Engagements

A frequent speaker at commencement ceremonies and other events, Kurt Senske blends a unique mix of successful business and political leadership experience with a deep passion for helping people discover their unique callings.  He demonstrates through his speaking, writing, and daily living how living out our professional and personal calling is less of a virtually impossible balancing act and more of an attitude of the heart.

A gifted public speaker and retreat facilitator, Kurt’s engagements are individually tailored for each unique audience.

For more information on booking Kurt, please call 512 706 7514 or email Kurt directly at kurt.senske@lsss.org.


“Kurt Senske does three things when he speaks: he delights the ears, informs the intellect and inspires the imagination. But for Senske this is more than just talk. The sincerity of his faith creatively animates individuals and organizations with the power to dream. When his talking is over, people will courageously do something to make this world a better place.”

John Arthur Nunes, Past President and CEO, Lutheran World Relief


“Kurt Senske has the unique ability to deliver his message of living a life of significance in a way that educates while it entertains. We have received excellent feedback and can truly say his speech was a highlight of the Commencement.”
Frederick G. Kraegel
Chairman, Board of Directors, Valparaiso University



I have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Senske speak in corporate settings, at client events, and at a prayer breakfast. Each and every time he has inspired the audience with his message and gift for communicating.   Not only is Kurt entertaining, his words are a window to his passion and both, words and passion, motivate us to live more generous lives.
Terry Wold, Managing Partner, Thrivent Financial

Speaking Topics

Wine as a Metaphor for Living the Christ-filled Life


Drawing on his latest book, Wine and the Word:  Savor and Serve, join Kurt Senske as he weaves together stories of the vineyard as a metaphor for living the Christian life.  Journey with him through places such as Bordeaux, Napa and Tuscany as Dr. Senske utilizes the miracle of the grape to challenge participants to rediscover and invigorate their own personal calling.  Utilizing both masterful story telling and humor, Dr. Senske explores serious topics such as how to confront what lies deep within our own personal cellar, create a generosity of spirit, care for our family, find respite from our hectic lives and create strategies in our daily lives to both savor and serve.


Wine and the Word

During biblical times wine was integral to daily life and was an immediate and effective symbol to which everyone, regardless of social status could relate.  The grapevine is the tree most often cited in the Scriptures (205 times) and references to wine or to the vine number an astonishing 521.

Join Kurt Senske in a meaningful and fun filled journey as he explores the topic of wine and the Bible.  Drawing from his latest book, Wine and the Word:  Savor and Serve, Dr. Senske will educate the audience how wine is deeply rooted, metaphorically and literally, in the Old and New Testaments.  He will describe how the inspired scribes of the Bible, artists in their own right, employ the vivid imagery of the vineyard as instruction for the entire gamut of our own lives – birth, sickness, health, vocation, romance, hope, despair, death, and resurrection.  A must see for all who want to obtain a deeper understanding of the Bible and receive insight into how it remains relevant in our lives.

Taste and See that the Wine and Our Lord is Good!


Join Kurt Senske in a wine tasting extravaganza as participants learn how to assess the quality of a wine as well as utilize these same qualities to peer inside our own personal lives.   Dr. Senske will educate the audience about the varietal character of wine, how well a wine is integrated, the expressiveness of a wine, a wine’s complexity, and its connectedness from where it came.    He artfully describes how these same descriptors can also be used as an elegant window into our own lives as we strive to care for our family, work, and community.  He further challenges the audience to study the Scriptures with the same careful appreciation one gives to the study of wine.

This talk can either be broken up into five distinct five-ten minute segments between tastings or be given as a 30-60 minute speech.


Thrivent, Wine and the Word:  Leading a Life that Savors and Serves

Drawing upon his experience as the immediate past Chairman of Thrivent Financial as well as from his latest book, Wine and the Word:  Savor and Serve, Dr. Kurt Senske masterfully weaves together stories from the vineyard as a metaphor for leading the Christian life and the Thrivent Way.   Dr. Senske takes us through the vineyards of Tuscany, Napa and Bordeaux as he engages the audience in topics such as being wise with money, caring for our family, and living blended lives of integrity.

This is a talk that can be tailored specifically for financial representatives or for Thrivent member gatherings.   With high energy, good humor, and vivid stories, Kurt will inspire Thrivent members, financial representatives, and others to want to deepen their relationship with Thrivent as they daily strive to live generous lives as they strengthen their own family and Christian community.


Living A Life of Significance

Dr. Kurt Senske, author of The Calling:  Live a Life of Significance, leads an engaging interactive dialogue that will assist the participant in discovering and having the courage to live a life of significance in our home, community, profession and congregation.  He provides an eight step road map designed to help discover the lives we are called to lead.      This talk can be designed for conferences, colleges, “seasoned” citizens, and/or  professional groups in either speech or workshop form.


All profits from the sale of Kurt’s books and/or speaking engagements will be used to support the ministries of Lutheran Social Services of the South.   For more information or if you would like to donate go to www.lsss.org